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Mon Dec 19 23:26:30 GMT 2005

Kirsten Edwards:

> That said, I reiterate: TLTW&TW is very clearly *the
> first book* because the other potential "first books"
> contain spoilers for it. We all may have our idisyncratic
> reactions to the series, but it's a disservice to most
> readers to mis-package the series so. 

Ford [1] says that at the time of his death Lewis had just agreed to work
on revisions to the books to adapt them to the internal chronological
order.  He'd probably have removed one inconsistency - in 'The Voyage of
the Dawn Treader' Aslan tells Lucy that no-one is ever told 'what would
have happened' but at the end of 'The Magician's Nephew' Aslan does just

One possible advantage to reading the books in the order of writing: in his
entry on 'Sexism' Ford argues that Lewis's treatment of female characters
develops greatly over the series.  'With the introduction of Aravis, [4]
Lewis seems to have undergone a real change in his experiences of and
appreciation for women.'


[1] [2] 'Pocket Companion to Narnia' by Paul F Ford, see his website
Ford 'has been a student of the life and writings of CS Lewis since 1961'.

[2] To repeat my reference of a few days ago [3]

[3] look, Ma, nested footnotes!

[4] in 'The Horse and His Boy'.

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