[LMB] Re: Morris-ing about with Dunsany

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Tue Dec 20 02:00:56 GMT 2005

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/Tue Dec 20 01:29:19 GMT 2005/

LMB was wondering whether or not to indulge
in **just one more Morris** or if the she
mightn't be surfeited on the stuff.

How 'bout some Dunsany to clear the palate?




I read up the available Lord Dunsany a couple of months ago.  
"Available" being defined as what my friend Pat has on her stuffed 
shelves, to wit, _The Charwoman's Shadow_, _The King of Elfland's 
Daughter_, _Don Rodriguez, or Chronicles of Shadow Valley_, and a book 
of short stuff, all from the Lin Carter reprint days.  (As are the 
Morris books I'm currently enjoying.)  I especially liked _Rodriguez_, a 
lovely blending of Don Quixote and D'Artangnan.  All recommended.  I 
love his sly humor.

I would say I'm running my historical survey of modern fantasy backward, 
except it's more of a random or drunkard's walk.

    Ta, L.

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