[LMB] Re: OT: The Colors of Earthsea

David McMillan skyefire at skyefire.org
Wed Dec 21 22:21:17 GMT 2005

	(running waaaay behind on my email here -- my 'net access is often 
only every 2-3 days...)

Kirsten Edwards wrote:

> David M asks why it should piss anyone off (besides
> the author, of course) that actors in the Earthsea
> drama were almost entirely white?
> Because the story and the fantasy world was based 
> on Polynesian and African mythologies, and the movie
> completely blew *it all off* transplanting and trans-
> mogrifying it into generic Celtic/Norman/Viking
> stuff.

	Ah!  Now *that* I didn't know.

>>From "unique and ground-breaking" to "blah-and
> cliched"
> Color wouldn't have fazed me one bit, if they had
> been true to the underlying story and mythos. 

	<grin>  I suspect we are in violent agreement on this point.

> Also: One story-line half-arsedly incorporated, DID
> play on color - a fair race of barbarians vs. a dark-
> skinned civilized nation. They blew that off, too, 
> but by then it was merely icing on the Cake of
> Stupidity.

	Now, there's a plot element where it could have been important.

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