[LMB] good news!! Earthsea OT:

David McMillan skyefire at skyefire.org
Thu Dec 22 11:55:42 GMT 2005

Noel Rappin wrote:

> Others have talked about Earthsea with more knowledge than I can -- I  
> just wanted to point out that your Broadway examples probably don't  
> make your point as strongly as you think.
> The controversy over Miss Saigon was not over the female lead (played  
> by Lea Salonga, who is from the Philippines). It was over one of the  
> male supporting characters, The Engineer, played in London and NY by  
> Jonathan Pryce.  It was not, at least initially, a public protest.   
> Actors Equity threatened not to allow Pryce to play the role in New  
> York.  I don't remember historical accuracy being the stated reason  for 
> the conflict (the character, after all, was half European), but  rather 
> that, it was largely due to the very limited number of  Broadway roles 
> written for Asian characters (it would be kind of  silly for minority 
> actors to come out in favor of strict historical  accuracy, after all).  
> In any case Equity eventually backed down,  although I don't know what 
> the exact reason or negotiations were.

	Hm!  That's very different from what I remember, but I think I've 
mentioned how reliable my memory isn't, ofttimes.

> The gentlemen who you are referring to in Phantom was probably Robert  
> Guillaume, who played it some time in the late 1980s.  And I do  

	That's the right timeframe, although for some reason the name 
"Michael Crawford" keeps bobbing up from my memory.  However, again, 
there's that little reliability issue...

> remember some eyelash turning concerning it -- I wouldn't have known  
> about it at the time except for the fact that it generated some  
> mainstream press.  Although I think the press was mostly because  
> Guillaume was by that point more famous for his sitcom work.  (Saying

	The mainstream press coverage I recall generally ran "*Him*? Hm... 
Huh!  Yeah, I guess he's got what it takes."  The soundbytes were all 
pretty positive, and in the few clips I saw the performance seemed 
pretty solid.  However, as a theater critic, I make a good tech geek.

> he was considered a "top theater talent" is probably a little strong,  
> though).  For some reason I want to mention that Antonio Bandaras  
> lobbied heavily for the movie role of the Phantom, but didn't get it.

	Huh!  After being very favorably surprised by his performance in the 
film version of "Evita" (and Madonna, too -- she really *can* act), 
I'd've paid to see that.  As it is, my work schedule precluded me from 
seeing it in the theater (darn it), and I've got to get around to 
renting the DVD (so many movies, so many books, so much 
email/usenet... so little time!).

> Hope this helps, well, somebody.

	Helped *me.*  Thank you.

> Noel

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