[LMB] Unfavorite Story

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Thu Dec 29 00:05:26 GMT 2005

Delurking for a brief moment...

My least favorite story is Warrior's Apprentice.  Why is
rather complex and drawn out.  First off, I REALLY like
the other stories far better.  I have been able to see
Miles take on far more mature roles as well as see him
have his plans come off flawlessly, or at least with far
more positive results, in other stories.  I also like the
mystic religiosity (is that a term?) of the Chalion books
and Spirit Ring.  The other stories just plain appeal to
me far more for their story line.

What I see as being detractors, for me, of WA is that we
don't get to see a lot of character development of the
other people who will become so important later on.  We
see far more development of Bel, Bothari, Tung, and the
other supporting cast members in other stories such as
Shards of Honor, Vor Game, Mirror Dance and Diplomatic
Immunity.  I LIKE to read about his friends and family
as much as I like to read about miles.  And WA just do-
esn't seem to 'do it' for me as much as the others do.
Being a historian and person who studies military leaders,
you find that there's as much important in the decisions
of a leader that comes from his/her friends and family
as comes from their experiences alone.

Not saying I dislike WA, FAR from that, I LOVE to read
WA, it's just not as good as the others...  :)

Just adding my $.02(US) worth.


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