[LMB] Food for Thought OT: (Was: An Author of Bujoldian Quality OT:)

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Tue, 1 Feb 2005 18:04:42 -0500 (EST)

 --- Tracy MacShane <billie_t at fastmail.fm> wrote: 

> One of the reasons I refused to study
> English Lit at university (other than being 
> told what I *had* to read) was that
> everything on the reading list had MISERABLE
> endings.* 

Looks as if I had a close call!  I was always tempted
to study English literature, but opted for History and
Italian instead.  Never regretted it, and my love of
English literature remains.  I did take "English and
Continental Texts 101" and loved every minute of it -
I don't remember much that was depressing, except
maybe Balzac, but then, he was the most modern writer
on the list.  The most recent English writer on the
list was Shakespeare, I think.

> A number of my friends are academics in the 
> English Lit field, and all I seem to get
> from them is that happy endings are "inauthentic"

What does that mean?  Faugh.  

> As if a
> story of unrelieved misery is any more authentic!

Sounds to me as if they believe that photography is
the only valid art - as if even a photograph is not
shaping the reality it sees by choosing it and framing
it.  Academia can be a funny place, with its own
fashions and beliefs.

> (needless to say, I
> haven't bothered recommending LMB to them)

Sounds as if they haven't the insight to understand
her works anyway.
> *[caveat, I don't classify "Waiting for Godot" as a
> comedy, despite any
> claims made to the contrary ;-) ] 

No?  I saw it two years ago in a pub in Dublin and it
was one of the funniest things ever.  Since then, I've
thought of it as a comedy.  A clever one, too.

who previously had been baffled by Beckett