[LMB] OT: Historicals vs fantasy

M. Traber mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Wed, 02 Feb 2005 01:54:34 -0500

Paula Lieberman wrote:

> Manitou Springs in Colorado.  It really truly has them.  Don't use compass
> for navigating there.  Even the aviation maps note it.

I dont argue that there *are* areas of the world with real 
electromagnetic twitches, they just are NOT ley lines. FWIW, any 
deposite of magnetite will throw things off in the area, 
compasswise. Heck, high tension power lines are a bugger to 
regular compasses. Even magnetic north shifts about a bit, IIRC 
it has shifted .03 seconds over the past 20 years or so.

sorry, FWIW, I am also a reiki practitioner, despite not being 
able to see auras, read rocks or bodies. I will admit that my 
hands do seem to heat up, and people seem to feel better after a 
treatment but I cant sense energy flow to save my life. Real 
magic or placebo effect - doesnt matter one way or tother to me. 
<classes were a christmas present so I took them.> If there is 
energy manipulation going on, it cant be detected with any 
aparatus people have which is why reiki is on quackwatch. I have 
seen what I consider to be a ghost, my imaginary playmate when I 
was 3-4 years old was my great grandfather despite he had been 
dead for about 30 years, and the only extant picture of him was 
over 1000 miles away in a state I had never been in. That house 
he build had a habit of the sound of footsteps going from his 
bathroom to his dressing room to his office [the entire attic 
floor was his private dressing room, bathroom and office] 
complete with the sounds of doors opening and closing. At least 
18 people I can count including my parents and brother, the Wolff 
family and their tenant who is a catholic nun have percieved 
this. I have even seen a UFO [ok, it was a meteorite I am pretty 
certain, but I never bothered to see exactly what it was...so it 
is a no sh*t UNIDENTIFIED flying object] but I dont believe in 
Area 51...but I *don't* believe in ley lines because I have read 
the original blasted book where the man called the roads between 
settlements ley lines and explained that they were the surveyed 
direct routes between settlements and not one single word about 
spooky energy lines...and AFAIK, the only hereditary pagans 
happen to be Icelandic where christianity wasnt mandated by law, 
one of whom I also happen to know.

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