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Most things billed as "classical French literature" felt that way to me, 
too, when I was taking my lit courses for my major.  Which isn't reallly 
true, of course, since "classical French literature" includes
some truly fun stuff...but why, in the name of heaven, force us through all 
the hundreds of pages of something specifically _called_ "Les Miserables???" 
  Oh, why?  I went through college (partly helped by the popularity of the 
musical, I admit) convinced that Hugo only wrote about starving wretches and 
lost causes.  Then I read "Notre Dame de Paris," admittedly about a starving 
wretch and a lost cause, but OMG, characters!  Like, real people, not 
symbols!  Why didn't anyone tell me??  (Ok, in Esmerelda's case, bloody 
stupid real people, but still...)  And Dumas didn't even show up in my 
curriculum.  No, we got shoved through Flaubert's "Un Coeur Simple," in 
which a dying (wretched, starving) woman is convinced that her taxidermized 
parrot is God.  Oh, yes.

Joy Lanterman

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>>One of the reasons I refused to study English Lit at
>>university (other than being told what I *had* to read) was that
>>everything on the reading list had MISERABLE endings.*
>Interesting! That's why I dropped Russian way back when!
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