J Selin harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Fri, 4 Feb 2005 12:18:13 -0800 (PST)

J Selin wrote about Spouse's car:
My spouse has a very old Jeep Cherokee - 210,000 miles, 1992 or so. 
What have we done about this?  Nothing.  He's still in love with the

Nora replied:
I understand that. I am currently getting rid of my 1992 Lexus ES300.
154,000 miles. I love the car. Despite all my complaints, and the
bits that tend to fall off, I love the car. I would probably keep it
another couple of years, if it weren't for the fact it needs a
complete engine re-seal. 

I'm not spending $4,000 to replace the engine on my $4,000 car. 

Jeep Cherokee's are on my list. Last forever, comfortable seating,
not too large, great for everything. 

Me again:
I do NOT understand.  He attachment is not that of "This car's been
good to me; I don't want to see it go but eventually it will cost
more to maintain than to replace and I will regret it when it

No, he gets pissed when I bring up the topic, as if I'd said his
child was a lying vile kid.  I worked very hard to put my objections
on a rational basis and I get emotionalism in return.  Occasionally I
find myself wondering if I could hire someone to total his car.  Lots
of high school students park on my street, it shouldn't be too hard
to find a credibly bad driver who's broke.


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