[LMB] Re: Speculation on hermaphrodite sex chromosomes

Ray RayLists at quixnet.net
Sat, 12 Feb 2005 21:39:39 -0500

Giving them two X chromosomes would make the X chromosomes just like any 
other chromosome pair in the body.  Besides, it's not the women (XX) 
that have problems with hidden recessives.  It's the men who end up with 
color blindness, hemophilia, and the like.

Besides besides... there *are* no defective chromosomes in Betans.  I 
expect that the herms were formulated without defective genes, and that 
Beta Colony's aggressive eugenics program has kept things like 
hemophilia out of the genome.

Ray Drouillard

WaWenri at aol.com wrote:

>Mary writes:
>What if  they had XX with some mod on both Xs that caused production  of  
>androgens to provide the male parts?  This would protect them   against 
>carried on the X chromosome, too, although I imagine  those  have been 
>genetically modified by Vorkosiverse time.   Always new mutations,  though, I 
>Remember, Bel and Nicole could have male/downsider,  male/quaddie, 
>female/downsider, female/quaddie, herm/downsider, or  herm/quaddie children.
>That seems to argue for XY+.

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