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Thu, 17 Feb 2005 12:21:24 -0500

Robert Parks wrote:

> James wrote:
>> Although not a beer drinker myself, I've always loved the line from
>> Sharyn McCrumb's classic "Bimbos of the Death Sun," where the visiting
>> Scottish folksinger comments about American beer.  Paraphrased: "If
>> you sent American beer to a lab, the analysis would come back ' Your
>> horse has diabetes.' "
> This all seems rather odd to me, given the easy availability of 
> non-p*ss-water beer at least in California (including very non-metro 
> areas).  Sure, Bear Whizz(tm) is US$5 for the 12 pack, but it isn't 
> the only thing on the shelves.
> I know I'm spoiled in SF, there are probably 100 different beers 
> available at the corner stores within a couple blocks of me. But, even 
> in Bishop or Bakersfield there is a decent selection of non-cheap 
> American beer. Never mind the brew pubs around here.
> Robert
> currently working on finishing a six-pack of not very interesting 
> Belgian beer.

I live in the middle of nowhere.  It happens that there is a little 
store a quarter mile from me.  There is good beer there.  In fact, most 
convenience stores I see have at least some selection of good beer.

And, when I say it's a quarter mile away, what I mean is that to get 
there, we walk across most of the width of our ten acre parcel, our 
neighbor's ten acre parcel, through the snowmobile staging area, past 
the store's burn pit, and up into the gravel parking area.  Or, we can 
add an eighth of a mile or so by walking out to the road and going in 
through the side driveway.

So, even in the middle of nowhere [1], you can get good beer.

Ray Drouillard

[1] Our town (Bristol, Michigan, Dover township, Lake county) is so 
small that it doesn't even have any land platted to it.  There is the 
township hall on maybe half an acre, a church and perhaps three houses 
to the east of it, the Bristol Store right to the west of the town hall, 
and a few farms.

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