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  [LMB] Chalion map (was: Tudors and Aragon (was Gender

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>  /Official map at http://www.dendarii.com/map.html
>  /Some more maps at
>  /// Bo Johansson

V. nice, Bo!  How about a map for THE HALLOWED HUNT?  I have read the
ARC twice now and dearly wished for a map.  Paw Foxti is reading it now,
I can't wait to have someone to babble with!

Susan Fox-Davis / Ma Foxti

In that case, don't overlook the Spoilers space


which seems on the whole rather quiet.  But then, it's all on-topic.

I didn't make a map of the Weald, but if you perform the same 
transmutations on a map of Germany as was done for the Iberian 
peninsula, you'll have the broad outline.  Rivers running south across 
coastal plains to the (North Sea equivalent) from alpine regions that 
lie between the Weald and the northern coast. (Beyond which lies the 
Roknari islands.)   Darthaca (France) to the Weald's east, early pagan 
Poland/Lithuania equivalencies to the west.  The parallels are loose, 
not precise, so don't get too carried away, tho' you can think 
Lure=Rhine, Stork=Elbe, if you like.  The world of Chalion does not seem 
to have an Italian peninsula nor a former Roman empire as such, 
however.  Maybe Carthage was an island that sank, who knows?  Every 
fantasy world needs an Atlantis...

The city plan of Easthome is loosely based on Zageb's, because I am 

Ta, L.
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