[LMB] Re: An Author of Bujoldian Quality OT:

Nicholas Rosen ndrosen at erols.com
Sun, 30 Jan 2005 14:56:30 -0500

Stacey wrote:

> After several people waxed lyrical about this guy
> and his trilogy [John C. Wright, author of _The
>Golden Age_, and its sequels], when I stumbled 
> across all three in the library I took them home.

> Well I totally bounced off them, in fact the 8 Deadly
> Words may have been uttered. I tried and I tried to
> like the first one but I basically found it over complex,
> unengaging and boring with all the long involved names
> for things.

I do see how someone could feel that way, even
though I reacted differently.

> Let me say that I saw the authors vision, and the
> world and the concepts he created were very good,
> I just couldnt connect with the story or the characters. 
> Waaaaay Too Much Angst and well *shrug*

Well, under the circumstances, certain characters
have justification for experience angst, and some of
them do carry on courageously whatever they feel.

> I wanted to like them tho *sigh*

Differences of opinion make for interesting horseraces.

Nicholas Rosen