[LMB] ConDFW con report OT:

Louann Miller louann at millerdome.com
Mon, 28 Feb 2005 23:27:06 -0600

At 03:46 PM 2/28/2005 -0600, Stephanie Folse wrote:
>Yeah, this is sort of a Catch-22 situation - the central location of the 
>bar is a major reason for our success, because it forms a central focus 
>for the con since all teh panel rooms open out onto that area, but the 
>smoke collects in the atrium and by Saturday afternoon, it's incredibly 
>thick.  We use the 12-floor presidential suite for the consuite in roder 
>to provide a smoke-free socializing zone, but since ti's not central, not 
>too many people gather there at any one time.
>We will probably be at this hotel again next year because at our size, 
>there's not too many affordable choices for our needs. Once we grow again, 
>we'll have to move.

Any chance of the hotel temporarily designating the ground floor 
non-smoking during the next con? There has been a LOT of complaint about 
the smoke situation.