[LMB] MiniLoisCons or The Travels of James

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Tue, 08 Mar 2005 01:04:23 -0500

ginnilee p berger wrote:

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>>Might be fun=) I am not familiar with driving in Boston now the 
>>big dig thing has totally disarranged things=) but if we dont 
>>mind getting lost and lots of creative swearing =)
> Hmmm. Baltimore all over again? ;-)
> (G,D & R reaaaaaaaaal fast)
> Ginnilee
> Lady Lavender of Teal

lol...not my fault baltimore doesnt believe in making the maps 
match the actual roads, or naming the roads on visible signs, or 
actually putting up Rt XXX ---> signs...

robs father was on the security for the LA olympics, before the 
games he drove around with a GPS making sure the maos matched the 
actual roads [and he said it was amazing how inaccurate the maps 
actually were] and then bomb squad for the actual olympics=)

He said that something like in that area of LA, something like 
25% of the roads weren't on the map, about 10% were not named the 
same as on the map, and about 10% of the roads on the map weren't 
there in real life...OY. And people wonder why I hate LA and 
would love to see it turned into a nice parking lot for Disneyland...
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