[LMB] Baen's Bar and the Martian LIzard Saga OT:

Martin Bonham martin at bonham.net.nz
Wed, 09 Mar 2005 23:10:10 +1300

Apologies if this is repetitive due to digest lag, but anyway
In digest 4799 Laura Gallagher <celticdragonfly at gmail.com>
> Little Egret wrote:
> > If you subscribe (mailing list available) to milestogo at Bar.Baen.com
> [snippage]
> > By not subscribing you have missed Pamela Uphoff's Martian Lizard Saga,
> > invented to distract certain people from bugging Her Ladyship. It was
> > reposted in the slush conference.

and then asked - 
> I gave up on Baen's Bar some time ago due to frustration with the user
> interface - but that piqued my curiosity and I went back to try again.
> WHERE in the slush conference?  I can't find anything titled Martian
> Lizard Saga or reasonably close.

All the parts to date are in one thread, and as it started a while 
ago, you will have to look down the list of threads a bit.

The first post is - 

Subject:      Martian Lawyer Babe
From:         Pamela Uphoff <uphofftx at hotmail.com>
Newsgroups:   baen.slushpile
Date:         Mon, 31 Jan 2005 18:00:00 -0500

Currently there are 24 posts in the thread containing parts of the 
stories - currently upto the 7th post in the second story.

(parts of the first drafts are also still accessible in the Miles to 
Go conference using the nntp mirror)  

(compare the name of the main character with that of one of the Miles 
to Go regulars)

About the user interface - a significant proportion of people have 
issues with one or the other of the Bar's Web interfaces, but it is 
quite possible to receive one or more of the the bar's conferences as 
emails just like this mailing list, or even as a single daily digest.
(It only requires navigating the web interface once to tick the 
correct boxes).

If you are in a position to use news reading (nntp) software, that is 
IMHO by far the best option, using the nntp mirror which has much 
longer retention of posts (see 4 below). 

If you do it that way, and only want to read, and not to post you 
don't even IIRC need to visit the Web Interface even one.

(If you are going to post, please do first read the FAQ's in the 
conference/newsgroup of the same name).

Actually there are six or so ways to access the Bar.

The new Web Interface

The old style Web interface
Follow the link from the new, or connect using port 8080 rather than
the standard default port 80.

The Bar's own nntp (news) server (which causes problems for some
newsreaders and copes poorly with lots of users)
Requires you to use news reading software - Microsoft's Outlook Express, or
something more powerful - http://www.newsreaders.com/www.newsreders.com
The address of the news server is bar.baen.com You need to use the same ID
and password, as you use for the web interface.

Bryan's wonderful mirror using proper nntp software at  news.sector14.com
No ID or PW required, but it forwards posts to the Bar via eMail, so
you must post via the nntp mirror with your newsreader set to include
your proper email address as registered with the bar.

Email. Choose which conferences you want to receive as either individual
messages or daily digests. To mix and match you will need two bar ID's.
>From the new Web Interface "Options > My Mailing Lists" - to choose which
conferences to subscribe to, and "Options > My Profile" to choose the
format (if you want all the days emailed combined into one digest).

(6) RSS (I haven't got around to trying this newest option - mostly IIRC
intended for PDA's).

If you want more details of the above please ask.


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