[LMB] Celphones on planes OT:

Paula Lieberman paal at gis.net
Wed, 9 Mar 2005 10:58:43 -0500

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> Marna:
> I may even be senselessly bitter because they all had assorted
> equipment, and I had to defend my allotted little bit of space
> against cries of "we're trying to work here!" (Ans: "WHY?")
> Me:
> "So?  Do it in the space *you* paid for."  Perhaps this was the time
> to start reading out loud.  Very loud.
> or
> "Yeah?  I'm trying to relax here.  Why should your needs get
> priority?"

Or singing, maybe....

> I think the idea of cell phones on airplanes is a monstrosity.  150
> people, all yelling into their phones?  People on cell phones already
> take up more than their fair share of public space - haven't you
> noticed how they talk louder and ignore courtesy more? - and we're

They are also probably the same people who keep a running loud commentary
going in movie theaters to the people they're sitting with--I had the
unpleasant experience of having a woman with a very young child sitting
behind me at one of the Lord of the Ring films, she was giving the kid a
running commentary explaining what was going on because the child was too
young to really understand what was going on.  It was extremely annoying,
and she would NOT stop it.

There are also people on planes who kick the seat in front of them--grade
school age male kids are particularly likely to do that.  I find
that -worse- than cellphone motormouths.

> supposed to allow this on a plane, where there's already too little
> space?  I think not.
> I understand there are gadgets that will damp incoming cell signals.
> I want one.

When my mother was in and out of hospitals last year nearly dying from
congestive heart failure, recovering, getting infections which threatened
her life after that, then having a stroke, etc., I would have been VERY
angry at anyone interfering with phonecalls to my cellphone giving status
updates on her!