[LMB] Re: Ivan Vorpatril

Kirsten Edwards carbonelle at juno.com
Tue, 15 Mar 2005 23:23:29 GMT

Danielle wrote:
"The thing that for me argues against [Ivan] being unmotivated 
is _Memory_. Granted, there's a lot of change in that book, but 
Ivan does get his promotion to Captain."  

Jesse added:
"Miles does say at some point that he knows Ivan doesn't want 
anyone to know it, but Ivan has worked hard for that promotion, 
or something to that effect."

Perhaps MEMORY and Ivan's ambition for those red collar tabs
was the beginning of the End for Ye Olde Ivan? That is, the
kind of character changes spurred by Ivan's ambition to
Captain, made him the kind of guy Gregor can and would tap
for jobs ala A CIVIL CAMPAIGN.

Kirsten (spending naptime seriously goofing off)
"Infantem dormientem non movere"

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