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The US military looked like 

 Navy            Ground
 ------          ------

Ensign          2nd Lieutenant
Lieutenant jg    1st Lieutenant (promoted to Captain at 4 years usually)
Lieutenant     Captain
Lt Commander    Captain
Commander        Major
                          Lt Commander

Captain            Colonel
Commodore*       Brigadier General
Rear Admiral     Major General
Vice Admiral     Lt General
Admiral             General

* goes in an out of existence
> The ranks may look like this:
> Navy            Ground
> ------          ------
> Ensign          Ensign
> Lieutenant      Lieutenant
> Lt Commander    Captain
> Commander       Major
> Captain         Colonel
> Commodore       Brigadier (General)
> Rear Admiral    Major General
> Vice Admiral    Lt General
> Admiral         General
> this assumes there are no "Lt Colonels", if there are they
> may be equivalent to "(Navy) Captain (J.G.)" with Colonel
> equivalent to "(Navy) Captain (S.G.)"
> It seems quite obvious that an officer with ship duty should
> use a naval rank and someone commanding ground troops should
> use a ground force rank, but for others it less obvious.
> ImpSec for example seems to have both systems, there is a
> confusing mixture of Majors, Generals, Commodores and both
> kinds of Captain.
> Here is now my own Watsonian handwaving to explain Miles's
> and Galeni's ranks:
> Miles may be promoted from Lieutenant to ground Captain
> because his last job before ImpSec was a ground forces post
> at Camp Permafrost.
> In "Brothers in Arms" Duv Galeni was a Captain at the
> Barrayaran embassy on Earth, perhaps he was a ground Captain
> because Embassy Security is regarded as a ground forces job.
> Some time later he might receive a promotion with his new job
> on Komarr, but perhaps this post is traditionally held by a
> naval officer, so he is promoted to Commander instead of Major.
> Perhaps the first two holders of this post just happened to have
> naval ranks, and as Cordelia remarks somewhere "On Barrayar,
> if it is done twice, it is a tradition".
> In "Memory" he is a Captain and has a new job at ImpSec HQ.
> He may have been promoted again, and since his last rank was
> a naval one, he is now a navy Captain. This makes it quite
> logical that his next promotion is to Commodore when he is
> made head of Komarran Affairs at ImpSec HQ.
> So, what do you think of this?
> // Bo Johansson
> P.S. The only time the word Ground-Captain is used is when
>    Captain Sphaleros is introducing himself to Nicki, who is
>    behind a locked door and therefore cannot see his uniform.
>    Aunt Vorthys and Gregor call him just "Captain Sphaleros"
>    and he is referred to as "the captain". (ACC chapter 19)
>    So all the Barrayaran captains in the books might have
>    been ground captains or naval captains depending on their
>    jobs, and we have not been told explicitly which.
>    Like Captain Toumonen in "Komarr" who presumably is a
>    ground captain, although that is never said.
> P.P.S. When Aral and Cordelia talk about their first promotions
>    to Captain, perhaps they are talking not about ground Captain
>    or navy Captain but Ship Captain, i.e. commander of a ship.
>    (The birthday message, "Memory" chapter 12)
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