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> Aside from the simple curiosity of scientific research, does it really
matter what causes the difference [in math scores, etc]?  As long as
everyone is free to
develop and use his or her aptitudes , what difference does it make.

Surely pure curiosity is enough justification? Anyway, by studying the
different ways the human mind fuctions, we learn more about the human
mind generally, an organ which is still quite mysterious.

Though I agree that ultimately the important thing is that everyone
gets maximum opportunity to develop mentally and otherwise, regardless
of how much their potential is based on statistics.


> How much cultural difference is there in math/language skills?  I'm sure
that sexist cultures (like the Islamic nations) will produce results
that show that men are superior in math *and* language.  More
egalitarian cultures, like the US, show less difference in math and an
actual reversal in language.  Is there a culture where women excel in math?

Read an article in a British paper about girls in rural areas of
Scandinavian countries beating out boys in math and science up until
university, so they can get out of the rural areas, whereas the boys
are much less motivated academically since there are opportunities,
like fishing, for males in those areas. Once the girls got to
university, their overall performance drops, probably due to finally
facing competition in math and science from their male classmates.

ObBujold: I wonder what the statistics are like on Beta. And Barrayar,
for that matter.

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