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Peter Newman pnewman at gci.net
Mon, 21 Mar 2005 02:31:35 -0900

Marna Nightingale <marna at marna.ca>

> It's Spring. It is. It really really really is. SPRING. [1]

Is it? It's 22 right now [ - 6 C], I suppose that's a little
warmer than it would have been 2 or 3 months ago, but I'm pretty
sure that spring starts on about April 15th. Then you have 2 months
of spring, 2 months of summer, 2 months of autumn, and then another
6 months of winter.

> So. My fellow Northerners, are we ready? Yes, you say? Even more so than
> usual, you say?
> Let the mad frolicking rumpus begin!

Are you sure that isn't just a Toronto thing? I
never heard of any mad frolicking rumpus.

> Marna, who is experiencing the usual mad urge to go to the store in
> shorts and Birks.

I did see some people in shorts last week, but it was quite
warm, maybe 40 or so [5 C] then.


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