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> On Fri, 25 Mar 2005, Marna Nightingale wrote:
> I like rice pudding, which involves more than milk and sugar, but
> the idea of putting sugar on boiled rice grosses me out, has ever
> since the first time I met someone who did that (and was shocked
> that I did not).  It's one of those things like butter on meat
> sandwiches (which bothered me long before I ever thought of going
> kosher as a possibility) or milk in tea that I think people

Somewhere around here I have a book by I think a rabbi on the topic of
reincarnation, which includes a theory that someone people have that there
are Jewish souls--that after Shoah there were more Jewish souls waiting to
be reincarnated than Jews having children for the souls to reborn, and that
some of the Jewish souls reincarnated in babies born to non-Jewish families.

(My direct lineage is Jewish, and I even have an antique wine glass,
non-fluted, that goes generations back in my mother's family.  My mother
said the only time she ever got nauseated when she was pregnant with me, was
when she smelled bacon grease... to this day, if you want to see me turn
green, put greasy hot pork sausage where the odor will get to my nose,
especially in the morning!)

> either get used to as children or never, ever do.
> Then again, this is me.  There are many things I won't eat with
> sugar.  For instance I generally do not like sugar on meat or in
> spaghetti/pizza sauce.

If I am doing teriyaki-type sauce or glaze I will use sweetener--maple
syrup, or honey, or maybe sugar--but generally I don't put sugar on meat.  I
especially don't put sugar in spaghetti sauce, and got appalled the first
time I saw someone do that.  I don't like most stuff that's too sweetened,
it's something I dislike about jams and jellies and even semi-sweet
chocolate.  Also, I don't like sugar-coatings on dried fruit, the reasons
include that the granular sugar coatings have never been things that I liked
--I don't like the grittiness (especially with a lack of tooth enamel) and I
don't like the oversweetness.   I'd much rather have fruit dried and no
sugar involved, what I don't understand is why the unsugared dried fruit
is -more- expensive!

Frosting is a different issue--too sweet cake I'm not fond of, but
buttercream frosting and sweetened cream, ice cream, flan, coconut cream pie
(I used to make my own)... provided they're not sweet enough to make my
teeth hurt, are things I like.