proper age for childeren's chores (wasRe: [LMB] Re: OT: Home Ec)

Louann Miller louann at
Tue, 29 Mar 2005 16:11:23 -0600

At 02:44 PM 3/29/2005 -0600, Laura Gallagher wrote:

>Great, now I feel pressured to try to go teach her to put dishes away.
>  On top of stepstools over a ceramic tile floor.  I wonder if she'll
>just break dishes, or her head.
>Laura Gallagher

Good heavens, we aren't laying down the law. Those sound like excellent 
reasons to do something else, like teaching her to fold washcloths on the 
couch when you're doing laundry.

The most important thing about advice -- NEVER forget you retain the 
absolute right to say thanks, nod, and go off and do things your way instead.