[LMB] Re: Textev for Mark's Status

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Wed, 11 May 2005 15:23:07 EDT

Harimad writes:

But does  this mean the others don't think
of Mark as a Vorkosigan, or that they  think that Aral & Cordelia
don't think of Mark as a  Vorkosigan?

I think Mark is definitely a (Vor)kosigan, the question is whether or  not 
he's really a Vor.  He was _not_ raised with the  military caste ethics or 
values, although he picked some up by studying  Miles.  He has no desire to be in 
the military, except maybe as a data  analyst for ImpSec. He took this position 
temporarily when he located  Miles in MD, and did it well.  He has a 
Vorkosigan house uniform; obviously  the Vorkosigans accept him as their son.  Miles 
refers to him as his  brother.  Gregor accepts him.  The Koudelkas obviously 
consider him  one of "The Chance Brothers," and consider him Aral and Cordelia's 
son.  What more would it take?