[LMB] Re: Awful families OT:

Jessy Brody jessybrody at gmail.com
Sun, 22 May 2005 14:30:44 +0100

> Alexandra H. wonders if "there ANYONE on this list
> who was never bullied?"

> I doubt it. SF is flush with folks who enjoyed various levels of peer harrassement. 

Thing is, I for one am way too omnivorous to identify myself as
specifically part of the SF community. Though I like you guys quite a
lot : )

The ranks of dedicated readers, generally, must be full of people who
suffered at the hands of their peers.

> I've even been stoned. 


Uh, who cast the first one? <jk, in case anyone was wondering>

> On the bright side, most of the savages grow up and civilize a bit, and most of 
> their victims learn to take my mother's advice, "sweetheart, is this *really* the hill > you want to die on?" 

Mother's advice? Ha! I had to figure that out for myself (or maybe
learned it from my dad, who probably qualifies as henpecked), since
usually I'm defending the hill against my mother - we have (had?) 
these power struggles over doing the dishes and folding laundry and
stuff like that. Usually they're over fast, but freshman year, I
wanted to quit playing flute and that dragged on for quite a while.

It was a real 'eureka' moment when I realized that saying sorry,
however insincere, could really diffuse a situation.

I probably learned that from my dad, too, now that I think about it. 

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