[LMB] I think I finally did it!!

Rebecca J. Carrington rebecca at andrewsgroup.net
Sat Apr 1 03:18:27 BST 2006

Ok I got me a convert at my barn.  Bluff Park Farm. That was easy it seems. Gave her a copy of "Cordelia's Honor" and she went nuts. Bought up the whole set after that. But not much discussion is ever done. Just don't see each other much and well she does have 4 kids to keep up with etc.

But work... work was tougher. I've lost a couple of "Cordelia Honor" books over the years to different somebodies. But they would never identify themselves. So I never knew if I had a convert or not. Then the lean years... nobody interested... sigh..

Then this last summer a new guy came in to work for Eyak Tek. Greg. A self proclaimed Trekkie fan. Reads Christie Golden?? I think??  And at least open to other science fiction stuff. I tested him out on "Serenity". He loved that. Finally somebody I can talk with about movies, books etc.  Final test. But keep in mind he's a rather conservative older guy. Soo instead of "Cordelia's Honor" I buy "Young Miles" and sent that out.  (Wasn't going to give up my original "Warrior's Apprentice" with the "Nazi Battle Nighty" cover on it... just in case it never came back.) Mind you I gave this book to him back in February. So Sllloooowwwlly I started hearing back. Well the hook has been set folks. He came into today griping to me. He's not getting enough sleep. He is really, really, into the "Vor Game"... LOVES IT!! Loves the writing. Loves the pace. Loves it.

And it is sooo nice... to have somebody at work to discuss this with. Fun I tell ya.  I have two more possibilities. But neither one of them is hard core I don't think.  Greg is hard core. No doubt that he will be spending money to get the rest of the collection. :) After all... I just give a taste. (Although I may let him borrow my "Cordelia's Honor".) 

This ought to be fun. Really.

The Far North Becca...
Who sympathizes with him that yeah the "Young Miles" books was huge to hold but it was worth it...

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