[LMB] RE: Person in hermetically closed car OT:

Kalina Varbanova kikibug13 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 08:50:42 BST 2006

Hi all,

I remember the discussion of how much time a person will be able to breathe
in a hermetically closed car, etc... I am reading The Cat Who Walks Through
Walls (Heinlein), and I came accross a situation that may help somewhat.
Three people (two men and a woman) and a bonsai tree (I am still wondering
whether that skellytum in Komarr may have originated in this maple) are in a
Volvo, they make a couple of hours flight (somewhat before 19:57 takeoff,
about 21:58 touchdown), after which they make inventory of what they have,
and there is the following comment:
" There was water in a two-liter drinking tank at teh pilot's position -
almost full. No reserve. But nothing to worry about as there was no reserve
air, and we would suffocate in stale air before we could die fo thirst. ..."
There is also a comment, not much later, that the air light turned red, and
the narrator was getting somewhat light-headed (which I think is before
0:00, well before that, because by that time they are rescued and secured).

I know it's about three people, not a single person, but it does make about
three hours before the effects start to be perceived, and probably some time
more of survival, maybe 5 hours (they are under stress, emergency landing,
space sickness, etc.). Would that mean about 15 hours for a single person?

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