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> I'm wondering,  had he taken up the legal, perhaps
> magisterial,
> carreer discussed at the  beginning of _tWA_ that he
> might have
> at yearly intervals or so over that  same period,
> had his natural 
> bones carefully, deliberately, and  therapeutically 
> broken, set
> slightly apart, and grown-to-stretch.  Stretching
> the vessels and
> muscles and nerves as well.  Constant pain, 
> constant tension -- 
> and yet forced growth well past the end of his 
> adolescence.  
> I wonder, in fact, if the "brittleness" of his bones
>  in general
> was due, not to the soltoxin's lingering effects,
> but  instead
> to the overall "forcing" to get them to the length
> they were 
> upon  some age-appropriate schedule. 
> I believe this sort of conjecture is  techically
> termed "ret-conn",
> eh?

No, this is speculation and possibly AU (alternate
universe).  'Retcon' is where a part or aspect of a
canon directly or indirectly contradicts a previously
published or broadcast part of canon.

A famous retcon is Padma Vorpatril's fate in
'Barrayar' - in the book we see him killed prior to
Ivan's birth.  This contradicts Cordelia's statement
in 'The Warrior's Apprentice' that Padma died in
Ivan's early childhood.  It's now canon that Padma
died protecting Alys during her labor - but once there
was a different canon, so it's a retcon.


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