[LMB] Newbie Questions (Was: HH chapter 10) OT:

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That is a great Harold Arlen song.  When I was a kid we had a version by a 
male vocalist (I forget who), and the words were changed to "my mama done 
tol' me when I was in knee pants" and "a women's a two face" etc.


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>> M:
> It's an old blues song which you may know under the name of Blues in  the
> Night, goes something like this:
> My mama done tole  me,
> When I was in  pigtails,
> My mama done tole me,
> Hon--
> A man gives you sweet talk,
> An' gives you the big eye,
> But when that sweet talk is done--
> A man is a two-faced
> Worrisome thing, who'll leave
> You to sing the Blues--in the night.
> Hear that train a-callin'
> Hear that whistle blowin'
> Ooh--ee

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