[LMB] Brain transplants and Cloned Bodies (Put JW out of business?)

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On 4/7/06, Alfred Kelgarries <alfredkelgarries at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Add that to the success at growing organs in vitro and in 50 years we
> might
> be able to take a brain from a "dead" body, keep it alive in vitro, and
> grow
> a replacement body and stick it back into the skull (which would have only
> a
> medula elongata FOR). Murderers would have to be sure to wreck the entire
> brain from that point on.

A similiar thing turns up in the Takashi Kovacs series by Richard Morgan.
Virtually everyone has their brain programmed onto these things called
cortical stacks, which are inserted at birth into the spine at the base of
the neck, and these record your memory for the rest of your life.  Wealthy
people get to have their memories backed up.  Having a persons brain,
essentially, in data format means that moving people from place to place
(presupposing much faster than light data travel and only slightly faster
than light physical travel) requires the cortical stacks, and the physical
body - sleeve - to translate it in.

They're fun books, with decent world-building, even if they do read a bit
like an action adventure in a science-fiction setting.  Neal Asher's series
(begins with _Gridlinked_) has the same sort of feel to it, but has a
completely different universe, premise, and characters.  In fact, the
sf-action-adventure feel is the only things those two really have in

I think I'll go to bed now.  Unlike some people (1), I have to work on
Saturday this week.


1) My flatmates
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