[LMB] Re: OT: it's called synesthesia

Irene DELSE irenedelse at neuf.fr
Fri Apr 7 12:56:53 BST 2006

Rowena a écrit :
> Kalina Varbanova wrote:
>> I would agree with that choice. Actually, when i did realize it _was_ a
>> choice, not something somebody else did to me, my fits of depression 
>> have
>> gone so small, short, and light, that they cannot be classified as
>> ful-fledged melancholy even...  
> I've choosen time and time again, but it doesn't seem to make a 
> difference. My programm must be on a loop. Or I am weak, no strength 
> behind my choice. Or it is just that we have limited powers over these 
> things as human beings.
> Glad it worked for you  though...
> Rowena

Kalina, I wonder if the being able to choose was a sign that depression 
was beginning to lessen on its own...

Rowena, please don't pain yourself by thinking it's weakness on your 
part. That seems the depression talking, to me. Or despair. I've been 
through, several depressive episodes, myself, and each time had to 
remind myself that the previous times, it ended, so this one would end 
too. I hope you're not alone in the real life to bear it.

Irène Delse

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