[LMB] Brain transplants and Cloned Bodies (Put JW out of business?)

Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Sat Apr 8 18:40:28 BST 2006

Cat Meier wrote:
> I'm, um, not sure if I should be offended on her behalf or *really* impessed with her powers of
> subterfuge, because I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever heard ANYONE refer
> to Marna as an example of normality *g*

I feel obliged to mention that, in mathematics, one meaning of the word 
"normal"[1] is "perpendicular" (to whatever is being discussed). I think 
that fits fairly well... ;-)

[1] It has about a dozen, depending on which branch of mathematics 
you're dealing with.

Jim Parish

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