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Sun Apr 9 01:41:25 BST 2006

> From: Lois McMaster Bujold <lbujold at myinfmail.com>
> Date: 06 April 2006 22:44
> If one really wanted a "quaddie omnibus", it would be _Falling Free_, 
> "Labyrinth" (again) and _Diplomatic Immunity_, but "Labyrinth" is 
> already a part of _Miles, Mystery & Mayhem_.  But I'm not sure how the 
> readers would cotton to its being presented twice...

Might work, but I have to post again becuase I had paid no attention to the
publishing technical details.

Thus I didn't understand that ACC is double the size of FF and that Miles
Errant ("The Borders of Infinity", Brothers in Arms, Mirror  Dance)  was
never published as a mmpb becasue it was too large either technically (752
pages as trade pb) which may still be a problem in the US or economically
if a mmpb must be priced at a standard mark.

So sizes in thousands of words (I hope I havn't made any silly mistakes,
these are mainly approximations from Word Pro)

 "Dreamweavers's Dilemma" 20.0
 FF	 80.2 	
 SoH 	 78.3	
 B	103.9		
 WA	 98.9	
 MoM 	 27.2	
 tVG 	 97.9		
 C 	 85.9 	
 EoA	 61.8	
 Labyrinth 30.6	
 tBoI	 28.1  	
 BiA 	 89.8
 MD 	164.6	
 Memory 134.6  	
 Komarr 120.3       	
 ACC	172.9     	
 WG	 23.0	
 DI	100.1	

Cordelia's Honor (Shards of Honor, Barrayar) 182.2
Young Miles (The Warrior's Apprentice, "The Mountains of Mourning", The Vor
Game)  224.0
Miles, Mystery, and Mayhem (Cetaganda, Ethan of Athos, "Labyrinth")   178.1
Miles Errant ("The Borders of Infinity", Brothers in Arms, Mirror  Dance)  

Thus any omnibus that includes A Civil Campaign and any other novel is
likely to prove too large for mmpb and thus a problem in getting stocked
and getting sold.
(? any data points from Miles Errant ?)

So, if I am correct,  I would suggest

Memory + Komarr 254.9
A Civil Campaign + "Winterfair Gifts"  195.9
Diplomatic Immunity + Falling Free + "Dreamweavers's Dilemma" 200.3
(+ "Labyrinth" 230.9 )  

Little Egret

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