[LMB] OT: Wine And Diabetes And Misery

Robert Parks rparks at lvhot.org
Mon Apr 10 16:42:24 BST 2006

First one to roll over $1000, then Patrick and Rita took the next 6 or 
7 rollovers. I'm currently back in the lead, with the first 10K (they 
both work commission and are looking at retirement issues). I didn't 
get a super low numbered card as I didn't show up til the third day of 
the program (#00000043).


Scott Raun wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 09, 2006 at 08:40:50PM -0500, Alfred Kelgarries wrote:
>> No grok Ebisu? A drink, place...?
> Ebisu is THE sushi place in San Francisco that Robert Parks will
> occasionally lapse rhapsodic over.  And goes to much more frequently
> than that.  IIRC, he owns the second 'frequent buyer' card that rolled
> over $1000.

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