[LMB] the three-armed heroine (now OT:)

James khavrinen at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 22:53:09 BST 2006

On 4/7/06, Tracy MacShane <billie_t at fastmail.fm> wrote:
> > * The three armed heroine. Or what can go wrong with a book cover.
> Dear lord. Puts the battle-nighty and the B*stard Zombie into the shade,
> now, doesn't it?

> And speaking of which, I think I'll start soliciting for nominations for
> crappy SF/Fantasy book covers. If you have digital images, great,
> otherwise, point me to an online example (such as Amazon or Bartelby),
> and give me a brief outline of why YOU think it's crap.
> So, contributions, please! :-)

Actually, the one I always think of when this topic comes up, the hero
on the cover is _supposed_ to have three arms -- and legs.  At least
that is what is shown on the cover of my (1979, SF bookclub ) copy of
Orson Scott Card's "A Planet Called Treason" ( ISBN 0312613954 ), and
it accurately depicts what is in the story.  The main character is a
native of a prison planet where several varieties of political
prisoners were dumped, as it has insufficient heavy metals for them to
build spaceships and escape.  A few years later a slightly reworked
version was published under the title "Treason", and the two different
covers it came with showed: 1.) A planet ringed with spaceships (
ISBN: 0765309041 ), and 2.) A person in a space suit walking toward a
grounded spaceship ( ISBN: 0312921098 ).   Hello, whole point of the
plot is, ain't no steenkin' ships here, dood.

Granted, however, these are both examples which don't seem bad at all
until _after_ you read the book.  But it should certainly count as
false advertising or something.

James (Khavrinen)

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