[LMB] Adjunct Birthday Tixe Rides Again, etc.

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Tue Apr 11 05:12:47 BST 2006

To Michael Bernardi. Without you, sir, we probably would not be here, or at 
least in a different form. Without your summaries and FAQs we'd have even 
sillier questions than we do now. To one of the finest gentlemen of this 
list: Sa-LUTE!

Oh, yes, and Happy Birthday! (now, now, Faithful Companion, I don't think 
you need to drool on _his_ glasses. Honest. He probably wants to see through 
them, or something silly like that. Besides, I've never seen him in person. 
He may not even _have glasses. There are people like that, you know, even 
though you haven't met very many of them. Besides, you used to lick people's 
eyelids to wake them up when you were a kitten. Wearing glasses is sometimes 
a _good_ thing!).

Ahem. Once more, with feeling, and standing with a glass in my hand--three 
cheers for Mike Bernardi!

Hip hip--Hooray!

Hip hip--Hooray!

Hip hip--HOORAY!!!

Jean Lamb, tlambs1138 at charter.net
"Research is hard. Torturing heroes is fun."--Mary Jo Putney 

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