Queen's Day (was:Re: [LMB] Re: bezoek aan Nederland???)

Rowena morgaine at zonnet.nl
Tue Apr 11 11:01:08 BST 2006

Helen Hancox wrote:
> I was told that it's rather convenient it's not on a Sunday this year as lots
> of shops are closed and stuff like that. It works better for us visitors,
> anyway, gives us more time to recover before driving home again!
shops tend to be closed on Queen's day anyway. I don't see how it is 
extra convenient, or you drive on Sunday (when shops will be closed) and 
be a good girl and work on Monday. Well sure, or you can be an even 
better girl and go to church on Sunday, wich is the intention of the 
people who lobbied for a change.
> We still haven't REALLY found out what Queen's Day is about apart from a
> chance to wander around Amsterdam/Utrecht. Do we have to dress up in Orange
> pyjamas? Horribly Cordelia-like!
on Queen's Day you are allowed to sell (second hand) stuff. To perform 
on the street (kids with recorder or violin, or more professional). You 
may set up a tent and offer massage, bake applecakes and sell them, 
schminck people orange with Dutch flags on the cheeks, hold contest who 
can blow the biggest bubbles of chewinggum, put up cans and let people 
trow balls at them, put out a bed lay in it with a sign on top 'I want 
to get ich leeping' (=an expression in Dutch). Etc. etc. what ever you 
can think of to make a little money.
The center of towns will ussually be more commercial with activities you 
still do need a licensence for like a big disco, a hamburger or kebab 
stand, or a beertap.

It is a great day to get a head ache because of the noise/beer/crowds, 
to spent money on stuff you'll want to sell yourself next year, see what 
your neighbours are up to, feel alternatingly that your town is a great 
mess withour redeeming features and smile about cute kids trying to 
selling your Hegel's work in German for only 10cent (because mama didn't 
like it that much)

If you feel like dressing up, orange is certainly the color to choose, 
with red/whith/blue a second best.

Is that about how you pictured it?


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