[LMB] Miles And Metallurgy Take Two

M Traber mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 11 13:47:03 BST 2006

Alfred Kelgarries wrote:

>>> (a) See if you can Zero in on this one on the way to the...
>> Not after what he did to those Creteins....
> I thought it was the Greeks and Turks, to wit:
> "I, Oppressor of the weak,
> Despoiler of the Greek,
> Defiler of the Turk,
> Must hurry back to work!"
> The Cretans (sp) were supposedly dying of a fiction plague invented by 
> Zero to convice Phil Silvers not to sell Miles Gloriousus his master's 
> love interest, IIRC...
> (whenever I'm depressed beyond help, my family makes me watch that 
> movie. Never fails to have me ROTLMAO inside of ten minutes. And it 
> helps that the actor playing Miles Gloriousus was in fact a legitimate 
> opera singer...)

Really? I knew Leon Green [or LEon Greene] was an aussie actor, never 
knew he sang. I have a friend who looks amazingly like him
[Max in a del pic]

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