[LMB] Off to the Netherlands

Helen Hancox helen at hancox.org.uk
Tue Apr 11 14:13:15 BST 2006

Hi - sorry if this is a double-post but my Email system had a brief brain

BJ van Look <vanlook at yahoo.com> wrote:
> We're travelling to Bremen sometime during the week... And, if I'm not too
drained, I'll travel on to Berlin... and trawl the museums.....
My understanding of the mass transport situation in the EU is sketchy at best

Berlin is my favourite place in the whole of Europe - it's wonderful. You
should definitely go and visit, and the museums are all really good too. I
hear Bremen is also really great to visit - I'm going there myself in June for
a week to give it a go. But it's in Germany so it's bound to be great.

As for transport, I know train from Holland to Germany works fine (I have a
friend who makes that trip regularly) and the cost is reasonable. However, you
might find flights from Holland to Germany work out cheaper. I know that in
the UK at least flying can be amazingly cheap; I live 35 miles from London and
I can fly to Koeln/Cologne for less money than getting a train to London in
the rush hour. Ridiculous!

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