[LMB] your Bujold soundtracks

rizwana z riz_lists at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Apr 11 18:25:04 BST 2006

  Do you have a 'soundtrack' you listen to when you read any of the Bujold books?
  Is there a particular piece of music that reminds you of any of the Bujold books or characters? 
  For some reason the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack - particularly Trevor Jones Promontory (typically epic, tragic and beautiful) reminds me of all things Vorkosigan - make of that what you will! 
  Also is there a piece of music which has inadvertently become associated with any of the books, Bujold or otherwise just because it was on at the time? Every time I hear Mogwai's album Happy Songs for Happy People it reminds me of the Murikami's Wind up Bird Chronicle as it was a new album I was listening to at the time (over and over again) but yknow it seems to go with it quite well :)
  *gets back to work*
  luck n light

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