[LMB] Miles And Metallurgy Take Two

Alfred Kelgarries alfredkelgarries at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 12 01:23:58 BST 2006

>>helps that the actor playing Miles Gloriousus was in fact a legitimate 
>>opera singer...)
>Really? I knew Leon Green [or LEon Greene] was an aussie actor, never knew 
>he sang. I have a friend who looks amazingly like him

Well, as I seem to be batting zero yesterday, he may not have been. I recall 
that info as being told to me by another fan of the movie on Compuserve in 
the pre-internet days. He may have been completely wrong (someone should 
check imbd on this...)

If this keeps up I may go hide under a rock...

Alfred Kelgarries
"War is the art of lying to  your enemies better than they can lie to  you." 
Sun Tzu, modern version

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