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Jim Davis firedrake at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 12 04:08:57 BST 2006

-That- Michael Crawford was also the tall, skinny geeky young man in  
"Hello, Dolly!"

Amazing what happened later, no?

Jim Davis

On Apr 11, 2006, at 7:49 PM, Jean Lamb wrote:

> When Mazama High School did _Forum_ as a school play, my husband  
> Mike played the eunuch (three boys had signed up for it, apparently  
> in the stage version there are three of them--but after they'd  
> signed up they apparently found out what a eunuch _was_). He is not  
> embarrassed. He is never embarrassed (even when most other people  
> would be. He shaved his head, with some help (he told the teacher  
> meeting the morning that it was one of two things he could have  
> done to get in character, and he preferred the shaved head). He had  
> a peacock fan, and let the girls tart him up for closing night-- 
> lipstick, oil and glitter on the head, and the bluest eyeshadow I  
> have ever seen (and yes, we have pictures, I just don't know  
> where). He 'accidentally' kicked his master three times  
> (apologizing profusely each time) during "Everybody Ought to Have a  
> Maid", and could do things with that broom--well, anybody remember  
> the story about Julius Caesar and the horseradish in _Claudius the  
> God?
> And in the movie, Hero was sung (badly) by Michael Crawford. THAT  
> Michael Crawford (see mask, violin, chandelier, etc.). Obviously  
> his voice got MUCH better as he got older.
> Phil Silvers played Pseudolus in the original Broadway version and  
> when he received a Tony for it, babbled on so endlessly that they  
> really did get the hook out to remove him from stage. It's not just  
> a legend.
> I still have the poster for the Mazama version on my cubicle wall  
> at work.
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