Taking the Omnibus [LMB]

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Wed Apr 12 23:16:21 BST 2006

*The Sundance Kid* bobug at yahoo.com
/Wed Apr 12 22:58:24 BST 2006/


Harimad has summed up my thoughts... Memory is a hard one for me,
because it's my absolute favorite. I can see pairing it with Mirror
Dance, from the growth standpoint. But, if it's two per... the way he
listed it seems to make the most sense.


Can't use _Mirror Dance_, it's already part of _Miles, Mystery & Mayhem_.

This is a harder problem than it looks at first glance, y'see.

Keep trying on the titles.

The potential Komarr/ACC/"Winterfair Gifts" almost inevitably has to be 
_Miles in Love_, I suppose.  One of those fated doom things.

Ta, L.

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