[LMB] OT: AKICOL cream question

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Thu Apr 13 00:37:06 BST 2006

On Wed, 12 Apr 2006 08:30:53 -0400, "M Traber"
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> Tracy MacShane wrote:
> > The gaping hole in dairy products in NZ, as far as I'm concerned, is
> > that we don't produce clotted cream! 
> > 
> And why dont you make your own? It *is* simple enough ...
> http://www.cooksrecipes.com/sauce/clotted-cream-recipe.html
> And as double cream I use the tinned 'table cream' - there are 2 brands, 
> ine is just tinned cream [it thickens in the course of tinning] and one 
> has a touch of sugar in the cream - and NO i DONT mean evaporated or 
> condensed milk. it is no sh*t tinned CREAM. I find it in the spanish 
> foods import aisle as the south americans tend to use it.

Yep, I know how to make clotted cream. I'm just amazed that NZ doesn't
produce it commercially and export it. Ridiculous.

As for the tinned cream, we don't have that in NZ either - being a
little short of South American immigrants (although, er, I personally
know four kiwi-Colombians).

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