[LMB] Re: The casting thread, again.

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Thu Apr 13 03:02:59 BST 2006


On 12/04/06, Kalina Varbanova <kikibug13 at gmail.com> wrote:
> all-male... well, we cannot help some things in our psyche. If he broke one
> set of proper behaviour (Vordarian clearly expected Cordelia to accept it as
> horrible), why not brake another, when he had somebody so eager?

I'd like to think that Aral did feel genuine affection for Ges and
didn't take up with him just because Ges was so eager...

> Besides... well, I would assume such relation between Pyotr and Ges... but
> it is not necessarily that everbody knows it :) Though who knows it and how
> it affects them would be a distracting storyline.

Though this is beginning to sound like the plot of some Gothic novel,
in which Ges is the young protagonist, and though he was never treated
badly because he is the heir, he always knew that his father hated
him. And he never knew why until he discovered his true paternity. So
he seduced Aral for revenge against Piotr... etc.

Or maybe I just have an over-active imagination.

little Alex

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