[LMB] OT: Your Grandchildren May Travel To Andromeda?

Alfred Kelgarries alfredkelgarries at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 13 09:17:54 BST 2006

> > The real fun will be when/if we ever get outside our galaxy into
> > intergalactic space, going from here to, say, the Andromeda galaxy.
> > Where's "north" then? Intergalactic travel doesn't seem to actually
> > be possible, according to current science, but it's something to

We have finally generated artifical gravity (in tiny amounts, but apparently 
real, check slashdot for the URL). If we can generate a significant gravity 
field on a moving object (starship), some physicists think that FTL travel 
is immediately possible due to frame dragging (also verified by Hubble and 
Spitzer observations they say). (Star Trek's "warp" drive was a 
fictionalized version of this effect, but the effect is real!)

What is really exciting is that, since the same physics gurus suggest frame 
dragging has no upper speed limit that we know of, if you can generate the 
power to generate the gravity field, zipping over to Andromeda in a year or 
less is perfectly possible. In theory, you could circumnavigate the universe 
if you could generate a deep enough field.

Now, I'm posting this for the physics gurus on the list to debunk; I don't 
do physics except the basics. Is this fact, fiction, or somewhere in 

Alfred Kelgarries
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