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Sjoerd Hidde Kuperus kuperus at cybercomm.nl
Thu Apr 13 15:49:43 BST 2006

Not sure where I read it, but I believe it should be something like A-rahl
not sure wether you understand what i`m trying to point out :)...

Sjoerd Hidde

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OK, I'm a newbie and I'm probably asking stuff that's been asked LOADS of
times before, but I have read through the last few months' posts and not
found anything on this one...

I'm just interested in the pronunciation of "Aral". I'm sure I read
somewhere (perhaps dendarii.com) that it's "Ay-ral" but to me it surely
rhymes with "barrel". Aral is, of course, a brand of fuel in Germany/Austria
(and no doubt other places too) and that would rhyme (sort-of) with

Come on, shoot me down for being an ignorant Brit!

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