Los Angeles listees was Re: [LMB] OT(Personal) GMail Invite Needed ...

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 13 16:54:05 BST 2006

Alfred Kelgarries writes:

>BTW, you aren't on our time zone, Kalina, are you? It just hit me that you 
>have been on-list while I've been doing the all-nighters from H*ll. Are you 
>in Eastern Europe (guess based on  your name) and if so which time zone? It 
>is 6:58 am where I am now (Los Angeles, USA)... 

You're in L.A.?!  Yay, we got another one!  I'm in Sherman Oaks, the veritable Valley of the Valley Girls, fer sure.  I never see Interplanet Janet anymore, I think she went away to school, and the Gallaghers moved away years ago.

Speaking of locality:  I was supposed to be the Faithful Native Guide for the upcoming Lois List co-party with the Baen's Barflies at the upcoming Anaheim WorldCon.  But Ginnilee made the actual negotiations and I've lost touch with her.  Does anyone else know anything about this, or should I start the whole thing over?  I'll do it but I really want to know sooner than later, before the hotels start filling up.

Yours in friendship,
Susan Fox / Ma Foxti
selene at earthlink.net

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