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At 10:24 PM +0300 4/12/06, Kalina Varbanova wrote:
>On 4/12/06, J Selin <harimad2001 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>  What's the difference between a saint and a petty saint?
>I think there will be a more qualified answer, but IMHO - a saint is a
>person who can relase his/her will so that the gods can reach into the world
>through them. A petty saint is a person who sometimes is touched by a god,
>to enable them to do certain things - a very skilled midwife, a judge who
>can sometimes tell who is telling the truth in the courtroom, etc. Perhaps
>it depends on how much can that person release him/herself - or how much
>need do the gods have of that person at that moment :)

Here's what I have in the Chalion Dictionary, which is more or
less what you deduced <g>:

petty saint - - A saint whose ability to channel their god is very limited.

saint - - In Quintarian and Quadrene theology, a living soul who gives
the gift of their soul (the control thereof) to their god, thereby allowing
the god to act in the world.  Saints have a second sight that allows them
to see a glow on other saints but not on themselves.  The person ceases
to be a saint when the god's presence is withdrawn, and they cease to
glow.  See also petty saint.

    Nancy Barber

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