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Sun Apr 16 04:28:43 BST 2006

> In the following order (for the following thematic reasons)
> Memory + Komarr (Miles as Auditor-on-the-Job getting the job done because 
> no one else will +followed by+ Miles Figuring Out How to be the 
> Metaphorical 900 Pound Gorilla, and sitting where ever he wants. ) (The 
> romance in Komarr is incidental to the plot. The main theme/plot is Miles 
> getting a handle on his _professional_ future, not his _personal_ one. )
> A Civil Campaign + Winterfair Gifts (Miles wooing and winning the love of 
> his life during Gregor's wedding insanity +followed by+ another couple's 
> wooing and winning during Miles/Ekaterin's wedding insanity. It's a 
> lovely, time honored motif and would cross over into the Romance sales 
> market very well.)
> Faling Free + Diplomatic Immunity  (Quaddies Before +followed by+ Quaddies 
> After.  The connecting theme here is creating children and trying to 
> ensure viable futures for them. The Quaddies try and suceeed. The rogue 
> Cetagandan tries and fails because it goes about it the wrong way. )
> Victoria

i think this is my favorite combo so far.  it clicks! in the jigsaw sense, 
of course


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